Weekend Happenings


Well what a weekend. We were finally able to recover our headboard.


  • 1/2″ plywood (cut to size 48×80)
  • 2″ thick foam
  • Batting
  • Super spray adhesive
  • Fabric (I had 2.5 yards of fabric and it was just enough so get a little more to be on the safe side)
  • 16 Beads of choice, or how many tufts you decide on
  • Drill
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Hot Glue Gun


Pick your headboard size and get the frame:

Most tutorials can be pretty intimidating especially if you don’t own power tools or know how to use them. No need to worry, our version has simple tools that most people have around the house or can get rather inexpensively. Most hardware stores will make the cuts you need right in the store, so you are leaving with everything cut and you just need to assemble.

The size of your headboard will depend on the size of your bed. We made our headboard a little bigger than our king size bed but you can decide to make it the same size or have so over flow like us. A great tip would be to use some tape and make off how large you want your headboard to be and where you want it to sit (lined with the top of your mattress, a little below, or from the floor and above a bit), its all up to. Once you know how you want your headboard measure and off to the hardware store you go!

Attach the foam and batting

We used spray adhesive to glue the 2″ inch thick foam to the plywood. Spray your plywood and line up the foam with the edges of the frame. Once the foam is attached, lay out your batting and lay the frame facing down (foam down). Center your frame in the batting and wrap the batting around all sides. Using your staple gun, staple it in place making sure that the corners lay flat (like you are wrapping a present.)

Add the fabric:

Lay your piece of fabric out flat with the good side facing down (this is what you will see when complete). Lay the frame face down on the fabric, Then, wrap  the fabric and staple with the staple gun.

I encourage you to start with the sides, making sure that you pull the fabric tight, and then do the top and bottom of the frame. The corners will take a little bit of time to get them to lay flat, but play with them a bit until you like what you have and staple them in place.


Add the tufts:

We decided that we would hang the headboard first then add our tufts. It can be done either way but we found this to be the most time consuming step as we were not sure how we wanted the finish product to look.

Either way if you hang it or place the headboard on its bottom edge, you will want to first plan out the placement of your buttons/beads/ tacks. We had 2 rows with 5 and 1 row with 6 buttons across and 3 buttons down.

Vertical buttons: First we subtracted the space that the mattress would cover before beginning. (Height of headboard- height/ thickness of mattress) Then we took that number and divided it by 4, so we took 28 divided by 4 which gave us the marks of 7,14,and 21.

Horizontal buttons: First take the width of your headboard and divide by the number of tufts desired. For us that was two different numbers (5 and 6).

Once those numbers are found you can make your marks and begin to staple gun your points. Once stapled in place we took our hot glue gun and placed the beads in the tuft points. To make sure the beads were secure we held each bead for 30 seconds with a pea sized amount of glue.


We hung the frame on the wall so that the bottom was just above the bed box spring using these large picture/ mirror hangers.  The easy instructions were on the package and it made the headboard solid against the wall.

Voila! You have the headboard you have always dreamed of.

With our renewed head board this room is finishing up quite well. Just a few more elements to add and if those end up being DIYs we’ll meet you back here to share.

With more to love,


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