Every Moment Counts

In this busy world it so easy for work, school and other important tasks to be priority over our family, friends and spouse. With the holidays not too far away we will be stressing to squeeze in more time for those that we love. But what if it was easier than we thought? Here are a few ways that TheSmithBreedloves squeeze a little bit more quality time out of everyday tasks.img_0979


  1. Wake up early and cuddle in bed, talk about plans for the day or other things you have been planning
  2. Wake up early and get active together (go for a walk, a bike ride, go to the gym)
  3. Wake up early and cook breakfast together
  4. Wake up and shower together
  5. Make time for morning s<3x 😉
  6. Carpool to work with one another
  7. Walk to our cars together and hug before departing


  1. Meet in the middle for lunch
  2. Facetime during our lunch break
  3. Text when the day is slow


  1. Take a walk together
  2. Cook dinner together, experiment with something new
  3. Watch a movie and have discussion
  4. Watch our favorite shows and cuddle
  5. Play a card or board game
  6. Read to each other
  7. Listen to music and let it guide the evening
  8. Go for a drive
  9. Go out for dessert
  10. Take a class together

There are always more ways to sneak in some times together. So we challenge you to find what works for you and make the most of it.

With more to love,

❤ Thesmithbreedloves


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