About Us!


Hello and thank you for visiting our blog! Our names are Terrance and Jaleeza Smith-Breedlove, and we are just a Minneapolis couple, married for 2 years and counting, who loves to dress up, he loves to take lots of pictures because in his head, he thinks they’re models, and she loves to cook and bake because in her head she thinks she is a personal chef with a food critic for a husband (and you can’t tell them otherwise, lol!).

On a more serious note, They created this blog for you. It’s more than them showing their outfits, food, and lifestyle. It’s more about you being included and inspired so that you can include and inspire another in your life.

We hope to get to know you through this blog and we can’t wait to share more as we grow in fashion, food, and fun!

With more to love,

The Smith-Breedloves

Keep in touch with us by email at thesmithbreedloves@gmail.com or use the Contact Us! page.